What is SkinScan?

The newest portable 3D SkinScan facial skin analysis is one of the advanced images analysis system in the world, using digital images technologies via RGB(standard white light), UV (ultraviolet).

The SkinScan System own two special lighting systems (RGB +UV) and smart skin analyzer software that allows two images (before and after beauty care) can be compared side by side, which is very different visual effects to be felt. Once the Skin Analysis System emits visible RGB light and safe UV light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently send back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital camera and analyzed by software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, then the images created from computer analysis show the skin’s current condition and future prediction. Imagine! Now you can show each client their treatment status and how your services help to improve their skin. 

SkinScan facial skin analysis system is able to diagnose lots of face problems like:

  • Spot,
  • Pore,
  • Pigment,
  • Wrinkle,
  • Acne,
  • Ultraviolet damage
  • Skin age
  • Moisture etc.        

To bring real-time skin data accurately and present results directly, and offer possible products or clinical suggestion for the client; Also can compare client face images before and after skin care. The SkinScan system is one of the most dependable professional skin image analysis systems in the professional arena.

It is used extensively in the clinics, cosmetic stores, hospitals, medical research and profession to examine, it can pick-up the high-resolution face images at RGB, UV, and PL three kinds of spectrum environments, thus science analysis skin characteristic, and can put forward the best skin care regimen to your clients.

Analysis explanation

  • 1, the texture represents the current skin texture and the loss of collagen, Long wrinkle represents true wrinkles, and Short Wrinkle represents false wrinkles. Total Length indicates the total length of the wrinkles. The larger the Percentage data and the percentage, the more wrinkles. Mainly due to the growth of time caused by loose skin, wrinkles. Or some of the fixed expression and wrinkles. Can be imported by adding nutritional supplements usually dietary collagen.
  • 2, the surface of the pores that the current state of facial pores, the more the red dot, the more serious clogging of the pores, the main is usually used cosmetics are not in place and caused by the skin caused by excessive oil secretion blockage, pore cleaning methods can be carried out care. Or the congenital pores of the testers will cause the data to become larger.
  • 3, the surface of the pigment that the surface of the face of the spot, that is, epidermal spots. The main reason is the skin by UV or drug stimulation and irregular life, the smaller the percentage value that the problem is lighter, the better the state.
  • 4, predict wrinkles: that if you do not maintain the skin, 5 to 7 years after the skin will become like the photo shows.
  • 5, the deep color that the underlying dermal stain distribution, the color was black, mainly leather spots, smallpox and sunburn and other components. It can be improved by using a laser instrument or product, as well as more exercise and more drinking water. UV pigment is a very difficult problem to solve, so UV pigment is the unstable value of this test instrument, and it will often appear that the value after cleaning and replenishment becomes larger
  • 6, UV acne means that the skin appears deep oil secretion and blackheads, the higher the value, the more secrete secretion on behalf of the sebaceous glands, if you do not deal with the future will form acne on the surface. The problem can also be improved by skin cleansing.
  • 7, predict the stain: If the skin is not properly maintained, do not pay attention to sunscreen or endocrine disorders, the skin spots will become as shown.

Analysis explanation

  • RGB is the daylight mode we say. Daylight mode is the condition of your skin that we see with our naked eyes. The same time, the sun is the pattern that allows you to compare with the other four models, clearly see the skin problems.
  • Cross polarization, also commonly known as health mode. He filtered out the other eyes of the naked eye, leaving only cross-polarized light, the use of cross-polarized light of this light, he can mainly see a sensitivity of our skin, acne inflammation, redness of the skin, the problem of thin stratum corneum .
  • Parallel polarization mode, also known as aging mode. It can see a texture of your skin surface and say the state of our skin. The depth of wrinkles, false or real wrinkles, it exists in the skin that level. Full face oil secretion, pore size.
  • UV UV light: The skin cells can see through the skin fluorescence response and secretion of UV light. That is to say he can also detect the deep state of your skin, including fluorescent agents, lead and mercury, hormones are through this light view. Light relatively dark place, indicating that this place melanin deposition is deeper, has formed spots in the skin deep, some of these spots have been manifested in the skin surface, some still hidden in the skin deep within the next 3-5 will be reflected in the skin surface. Because of this we have formed a lot of skin, melanin, the skin becomes weaker over time lead to melanoma precipitated serious skin downhill. He can clearly show us sunburn, pigmentation, melasma, freckles and coffee spots. And these we can not see the surface of the naked eye. That Wu’s light: it is the hospital dermatology used to view early vitiligo.
  • RGB standard white light: white light of three primary colors consisting of red, 530-540 nm, green, 460-470 nm, blue, wavelength of 615-620 nm. This standard white light allows you to observe the skin under daylight and compare it with UV or PL polarized light. More intuitive to see the skin problems.
  • UV Ultraviolet light: light that is invisible to the naked eye. Ultraviolet light reflects through the skin cells and secretions a variety of different pictures.
  • PL bias light is between RGB standard white light and UV UV light.


  • Dry skin:
  • Skin characteristics Such skin surface of the stratum corneum contains less water, pores are not obvious, sebum secretion less. When the oil secretion decreases, the stratum corneum water evaporates faster, the skin surface dry, loss of elasticity and luster should be, easy to wrinkles. This skin is not easy to produce acne, can not withstand the external stimuli, such as the sun and wind, the skin irritation after flushing, or even burning, aging wrinkles, especially in the corner of the eye, the most prone to wrinkles.
  • 2, neutral skin:
  • This type of skin sebum and moisture secretion suitable, it seems rosy, smooth, flawless and elastic, is the most healthy skin. But also less sensitive to external stimuli. More common in adolescent girls, seasonal changes in the skin larger, dry in winter, partial summer oil. Thirty years old easily become dry skin.
  • 3, mixed skin:
  • Some people have particularly large amount of oil secretion on the forehead, nose and chin, and large pores, even blackheads, acne and acne, which belong to the oily skin. The other parts, such as cheeks, the skin is dry, is a dry skin. In other words, there are two different types of skin, mixed skin. The company is located in:
  • 4, oily skin:
  • Skin features a glossy surface, especially the T sector is often pan-shine, large pores, excessive sebum secretion, less prone to wrinkles. However, this type of skin due to excessive sebum, dirt easily attached to the skin, easy acne, blackheads and small lumps. Oily skin is divided into two situations:
  • a. Dry oil outside: the face looks very greasy, shiny oily, and easy acne.
  • b. Inside the oil dry: can not tell from the outside, long acne is not much, but the whole face pores, and easy to dehydration lust.
  • 5, sensitive skin
  • Skin epidermis thin, delicate white, less sebum secretion, more dry, obvious capillaries (also known as redness), the skin appears dry function diminished the ability of the stratum corneum to reduce water, the skin surface of the formation of sebum film is not complete.




 The whole face is only a small amount of oil secretions, almost no acne


Oil secretion mainly in the nose and forehead, T-shaped parts of the skin.


Full face fat secretion, covered with acne.


Acne is formed by the secretion of oil, mainly divided into three types:

  1. Strong oil secretion:      The secretion of sebaceous glands produce large amounts of fat from the hair follicles to the surface of the skin.
  2. Clogged pores:     Oil secretion becomes more viscous and inert, and the secretions see acne or blackheads under RGB white light.
  3. Porphyrin:      Propionibacterium acne evolved, will evolve into severe acne skin.

Fluorescent Products / Mask 

What is a fluorescent agent? Fluorescer is a complex organic compound. It is not as easily as the general chemical composition of decomposition, but accumulation in the body, has many harmful effects, greatly reducing the body’s immune system; Fluorescent agents and proteins outside the wound, but also hinder the wound healing; Fluorescent agent can make The tendency of human cells to mutate is that their toxicity accumulates in the liver or other vital organs and can become a potential carcinogen. Cause blood system damage, into the blood circulation, will destroy the cell membrane of red blood cells, causing hemolysis.

  1. Fluorescent manifestation of the form? Look through the fluorescent UV lamp, you will find the skin whitish, shiny. Serious is the distribution of the whole face, slightly more scattered white face highlights.

Lead and mercury poisoning the skin and other heavy metals

Hazard: Lead and mercury compounds can destroy the activity of the skin surface enzymes, thus preventing the synthesis of melanin, showing the skin immediately white, immediately tender. The consequence is chronic poisoning caused by the deposition of heavy metals on the skin, including neurological symptoms such as liver and kidney damage, tremor, memory loss, visual and hearing loss, and skeletal muscle and bone tissue damage. Lead and its compounds have a masking effect, can quickly whiten, excessive use can damage the hematopoietic system, nervous system, kidneys, immune and endocrine system!

Manifestation: Lead, mercury and other heavy metals have destroyed the inner layer of the skin, and healthy skin has a blocking function against UV-UV. However, heavy metal poisoning skin has no such function, so that ultraviolet light can enter the skin layer. In UV UV light is reflected in a colorful form.

Hormone skin

Hormone face, also known as acne hormone, is a kind of acne medicine, because of intermittent or prolonged abuse of hormone cream or hormonal cosmetic cosmetics, causing hormonal side effects caused by a serious skin disease. It is different from ordinary skin allergies or allergies, because it not only seriously undermines the normal physiological structure and function of the skin, but also affect the patient’s overall health, which also brings great distress to the treatment. The symptoms of the same name are facial hormone-dependent dermatitis, hormone-dependent dermatitis called.

Manifestations: Hormones appear red, dry and itchy to the patient. No matter what kind of hormone skin is the most obvious under the UV-UV light is a layer of plush material on the surface of the skin.

The role of sunscreen

Sunscreen is divided into two types:

           1. Physical sunscreen                                       2. Chemical sunscreen

Physical sun protection principle: physical sun protection is the use of reflective particles, the use of physical cover, [2] block, reflect or scatter UV [3], so that the number of ultraviolet rays to the skin can be reduced to achieve the purpose of sunscreen. Physical sunscreen usually stays on the skin surface, no chemical reaction, so the skin is more gentle.

Manifestation: the skin surface whitish

Chemical sunscreen principle: Chemical sunscreen or chemical sunscreen agent, also known as UV absorbers, is a type of sunscreen to achieve UV protection by absorbing harmful sunscreen, the chemical sunscreen molecules will be absorbed by the skin, so the UV absorption The process takes place inside the skin and is metabolized by the body to remove it.

Manifestation: darker skin or duller.

Early vitiligo symptoms

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a commonly acquired limitations or generalized skin depigmentation disease. Due to the disappearance of the skin’s melanocyte function, the mechanism is unclear. Various parts of the body can occur, common in the back, wrist, forearm, face, neck, and genital around and so on.

Manifestations: In UV UV light inexplicable lack of skin whitening piece.