Our Derma Gun vacuum technology accurately provides nutrients needed for skin in the depth of 1.28mm under the dermis. It is the principle of lifting the skin slightly by using sound pressure before micro-needle entered. The needle injects nutrients (such as hyaluronic, PRP, and collagen) by using multi-needle sticking in the accurate depth after keeping skin tight. Injection rate can be easily adjusted through the button on OLED panel behind the device. Furthermore, the pressure of syringe had been liberalized before micro-needle exits out, preventing the loss of injected nutrients.

•Applicated for endogenous and exogenous injection.
•5 pins/9 pins injection technology which can speed up the treatment process.
•Easy to operate, no side effects, but significant results.
•Adjustable injection depth, doses, speed and suction intensity.
•Anti-backflow technology applicated for nutrients and blood.
•Stimulate the skin for self-healing, promotes skin metabolism


  • Skin rejuvenation
    •Wrinkle removal
    •Pigmentation removal
    •Skin tightening
    •Enhance skin metabolism -anti-aging
    •Activation of collagen cells
    •enhancing skin elasticity
    •Enhanced gloss
    •Remove fine lines
    •Removal of crow’s feet
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hair Restoration